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2019 Employee Contest Winners

2019 proved to be another incredible year for the Share the Experience Employee Photo Contest. The quality of the photos was superb making it ever more difficult for our judges to pick a winner.

The winning photos were selected based on their exemplary photographic qualities and their amazing representations of the spectacular recreational opportunities offered through our federal lands and waters. We are proud to present the 2019 winners.

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize photo was taken by Peter Mangolds, National Park Service, while at Grand Teton National Park. Here is what he had to say about the photo:

"This photo was taken in the fall of 2019 in Grand Teton National Park. I had been watching the moose for several days and when I saw that they were heading towards the stream I knew they would cross. I quickly drove as close as I could, got out and hurried over to a safe distance away and actually climbed in the water to get the angle I was hoping for. I had only hoped that they were just going to cross but when the first one stopped to drink I knew it would be something amazing but never did I expect all four to stop, line up, and drink together."

Honorable Mentions

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area by Derek Weir
Saguaro National Park by Jordan Camp
Fort Donelson National Battlefield by David Hamby
Stanislaus River Parks by Hilary Coleman
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area by Nick Sawinski
Yellowstone National Park by Cody Ritchotte
Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest by Eric Henderson
Antietam National Battlefield by Steve Crumbacker
Valley Forge National Historical Park by Beth Dhunjisha
Dry Tortugas National Park by Brett Koch


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